Effective 1st August 2012
Carycore Refrigeration India Pvt. Ltd. has transfered its Industrial Regrigeration Business to
Starcore Refrideration Ltd.
which will expand beyond India to Asia Pacific adding more products to its basket . With the opening of its new factory in Rajasthan. The company will diversify into standard OEM products offered in the APWM market effective May 2013.

3PL Cold Stores
Large Distribution Centers

Reliable Cold Storage Facilities are vital For preserving perishables in large volumes.

We build hygienic stores customized To customers requirement.

Retail Chains require Distribution Centers For sorting grading and storing perishables In either zero or subzero conditions.

We strengthen back end to ensure Fresh produce from farm to shop

Birthdays, Marriages, Proposing, Festivals Occasions require fresh flowers to be made available thorough out the year for a country so diversified in culture like India.

We make specialized equipment to manage temp and RH, which are determinant to keep flowers, fresh.

Convenience Food
Fruits & Vegetables

Be it a party or a lazy Sunday afternoon When you feel you want something Readily available for a treat from nuggets Samosas, Kawabs, Rolls, Tikkas or Italian pizzas / pastas all microwavable or post dinner desserts like ice cream, fruit custard and Indian sweets.

We build equipments to pamper your Taste, make these frozen snacks Available with our range of Blast Freezers, Spiral IQFs frozen stores.

The Bread, Croissant, Burger, Pizza, Cakes Pies; cookies are all products of a bakery, which requires differential temperatures for forming.

We manage the cold part of the bakery by providing Low temperature solutions.

Close temperature and humidity control is detrimental to keep them fresh for Consumption.

We build refrigeration equipments starting from High humidity Precoolers to High Humidity Retail shelving systems

For keeping your fruits and veggies fresh
& De-Greening

Seed Drying
& Storage


You always wanted a blemish / spot free mango or banana and also ripened to the core Your Limes have to be yellow in colour with a Not even a tint of sourness.

We innovated machines that could do this scientifically but artificially.

To ensure continuous food cycle seeds are a must. Also seed quality determines the final taste, appearance of the fruit or vegetable we harvest which decides its Demand in the market.

We innovated seed driers and low humidity Refrigerated storages for seeds which has Now given farmers edge to sell their produce At a higher price in the market than their Counterparts

Large capacities wide variety and ultimate care for quality. That is what meat processing is all about. Odour, Colour control, moisture are some important parameters that count. Worldwide rules and regulations, such as HACCP strictly enforce temperature and humidity levels.

We understand hygiene and other parameters That meat requires and engineer facilities and machines to suit.
Pharma / Chemical / Process

A large assorted poultry menu has been India's Pride. Keeping in line with continuous innovative Requirement of this industry we have devised a series of machines, which can take care of stringent Temperature needs.

After the catch whether be it on a fishing trawler in Deep Ocean, or in a processing facility, from Crabs, lobsters, shrimps and fish refrigeration is very critical. We make Refrigerated Hold systems, Tunnel Freezers Flake ice machines, and seawater brine chillers, IQF's

For freezing this perishable which otherwise would be Lost.

The process of coating, extraction, Mixing, Compacting, molding, forming and packing is very critical to any Process industry wherein day and year around bulk Production is required. You can't take chances with the machines reliability.

We engineer reliable process chillers for your process. With built in redundancy to ensure year around trouble free operation.
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