Effective 1st August 2012
Carycore Refrigeration India Pvt. Ltd. has transfered its Industrial Regrigeration Business to
Starcore Refrideration Ltd.
which will expand beyond India to Asia Pacific adding more products to its basket . With the opening of its new factory in Rajasthan. The company will diversify into standard OEM products offered in the APWM market effective May 2013.

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure :

Rated at a Pressure of 250 PSI @ -20F to +45F.

Minimum Design Metal Temperature :

Between -20 DegF

Building Standards :

Vessels are designed, fabricated, tested, inspected, and stamped in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII, Division I, Connections is in compliance with ANSI B 9.1 and B 31.5.

Heads :

As per ASME Code 2:1 elliptical SA 516-70 carbon steel (normalized).

Shell :

Shells 24 in diameter and smaller are SA 106 Gr. S/B, SA 53 Gr. S/B or SA 53 Gr. E/B pipe Shells larger than 24 in diameter are 516-70 carbon steel plate.

Connections :

ASTM A-53 Grade B and ASTM 1-106 Grade B. ASTM 333 Grade 6 available.
Test Pressure :

Hydrostatically tested at 1.5 times design pressure. ASME code requires 1.3 times design pressure.
Standard Receiver :

Furnished with connections as given below. Pressure vessels have nameplate, lifting lugs and 120 Degress saddle plates welded to the shell.

Service Valve Package :

Isolation valves for the inlet and outlet connections, equalizer Connection drains connection, purge connection, and gage connections. Valves 2-1/2 and smaller are socket weld connections, 3 and larger are butt weld connections. Package also includes a liquid level column with Level Indicator.

Other Optional Accessories

  • Safety relief valve assemblies
  • 4-20mA Level Probe
  • FSP Float Switch

Design Function :

Receivers function as a reservoir for liquid refrigerant. They should be sized to Accommodate the entire refrigerant in the system, with 20% volume available for Vapor at the highest liquid level. A reserve of liquid refrigerant should always prevail in the receiver during operation.

Starcore Refrigeration Ltd. Offers :

Horizontal ammonia receivers in standard sizes with internal volume from 9.0 to 1167.8 cubic feet and storage capacities from 264 to 34,217 lbs. of +100F liquid ammonia refrigerant based on 80% of internal volume.
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