Effective 1st August 2012
Carycore Refrigeration India Pvt. Ltd. has transfered its Industrial Regrigeration Business to
Starcore Refrideration Ltd.
which will expand beyond India to Asia Pacific adding more products to its basket . With the opening of its new factory in Rajasthan. The company will diversify into standard OEM products offered in the APWM market effective May 2013.

Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration
Size Range : 1 to 20 Tons, Nominal

Starcore Refrigeration Ltd. Model Series CRPC / FRPC/ BFRPC/ For Medium and Low Temperature Application For Use With R22, R134 A, R404A, R717.

System Description

  • Ceiling Suspended / Floor Mounted

  • GI Powder Coated Epoxy casing with Corrosion resistant paint

  • Propeller or axial flow fans options available, suited for an application

  • Fans factory wired with an electrical junction box

  • Internally enhanced Copper tubes (For R22, R134 A, R404 A)/ Plain SS304L or Aluminum tubes (For R717 Applications) Degreased and mechanically expanded With Aluminum fins, spacing varying from 3.175 mm to 6.35 mm furnace brazed.

  • Insulated Drain Tray to avoid condensate dripping due to cold surface

  • With special defrost mechanisms suited for different models


Quality Assurance

  • All the Evaporators are made to comply with EC Machine Directives 89/392/EEC

  • Safety of Electrical Appliances: As per EN/60/335-1 (CE61-50)

  • Safety Applications as per CE-EN60/335-2-40 applicable for all air conditioners

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility as per 89/336 EEC

  • Low Tension application as per 73/23 EEC

  • Fan Guards as per safety norms EN 294

  • Coils Pressure tested to 250 Psig



General :

Factory-assembled, single piece, forced draft evaporators factory wired capable of working with refrigerants R22, R14 A, R404A, R717.

Unit Cabinet :

  • Unit cabinet constructed of galvanized steel, coated with corrosion resistant epoxy powder coat paint of 50 to 100 micron thickness.

  • Insulated Drain tray with tray heaters (only for low temperature units)

Fans :

  • Propeller Fan or Tube Axial Fans (Only for low temperature units)

    Degree of Protection for Motors: IP44

    Degree of Protection for Junction Box IP55 For Low temperature applications fan casing is wound with heaters and insulated so as to prevent ice build up

  • All Fan blades statically and dynamically balanced.

  • Fan shroud and grill plastic coated, so designed to ensure maximum throw and even distribution.

  • AMCA certified fans

Evaporator Coil :

  • Choice of three Tubes with Copper, SS304 or Aluminum based on application Fining done with Aluminum

  • Tubes degreased and mechanically expanded, tested under a pressure of 250 Psig.

  • Copper tubes are internally enhanced with rake ridges to increase the heat transfer coefficient.

  • All Direct Expansion Coil provided with a multiple hole brass distributor and thermostatic expansion valve, while Flooded and Overfeed liquid systems provided with orifice plates in the headers to ensure even feed to all circuits.

  • Choice of Half, Full Double Circuits available to ensure minimum pressure drop of refrigerant through coil.

  • Built on COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS MODEL All coils are so designed for low dehumidification and frost accumulation and high turbulent flow ensuring a lesser surface area for high heat transfer.

  • All coils are of staggered construction with variable fin pitch starting from 3.175 to 8.46 mm.

Refrigeration Components :

Pressure Ports are so provided to measure and thereby adjust coil superheat correctly, which can save energy in the excess of 8%.

Controls and Safeties :

1. Minimum control functions include:

  • Control wire terminal blocks.

  • Ice frost sensor capable of defrost initiation.

Electrical Requirements :

  • Nominal unit electrical characteristics are 400 v 3-ph, 50 Hz. The unit is capable of satisfactory operation within voltage limits of 380v to 420 v.

  • Unit electrical power is a single-point connection.

  • Unit control circuit is 220 Volts.

Special Features (OPTIONAL) :

  • Fan Parking for High Discharge Pressure

  • VARIABLE CAPACITY evaporators


  • Unit-Mounted, Non-Fused Disconnect Switch in case of emergency.



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