Effective 1st August 2012
Carycore Refrigeration India Pvt. Ltd. has transfered its Industrial Regrigeration Business to
Starcore Refrideration Ltd.
which will expand beyond India to Asia Pacific adding more products to its basket . With the opening of its new factory in Rajasthan. The company will diversify into standard OEM products offered in the APWM market effective May 2013.

Post Harvest loses of fruits and vegetables range from 20 to 40%. India's internal market for fresh produce is immense, but in many instances the market cannot sustain the large inflow of produce leading to a market glut, panic selling and drastic drop in sell prices and product losses.

These losses can be prevented with simple post-harvest practices such as rapid removal of field Heat, Cleaning, Evaporative Cooling, Refrigerated Storage, Freezing, Drying Pickling, Preserving, etc.

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